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Country Quilt Rack Shelf

Shaker Quilt Hanger Plan

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Craftsman Blanket Chest Plan

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Quilt Hanger
A quilt hanger is a very simple project. At its most basic, the hanger is essentially two pieces of thin wood that are screwed together, clamping the top of the quilt in between them. The only tricky parts are coming up with a design that successfully hides both the screws that clamp the two pieces...

Antique Quilt Display Rack
Display and store up to six antique quilts on this stylish rack If you're like most people, your family heirlooms are precious to you. Such was the case with the author's daughter when she wanted to display...

Building A Quilt Rack
Display your best quilts on this beautiful rack.

Quilt Hanger
Wall mounted quilt hanger. DXF Format.

Quilting Frame
Isometric drawing of a frame for stretching and sewing large quilts. DXF format.

Quilt Rack
This quilt rack was one of my earlier projects, done when the "shop" was a couple of sawhorses and a small corner of the back porch. The quilt rack is made of Ponderosa pine and finished with a honey...

Quilt Rack
I had confined the majority of my woodworking to pine and other cheap woods in light of my propensity for error. Now, I felt ready to venture into more pricey materials with the expectation that if necessary,...

Quilt Rack
Here is a simple quilt rack you can make in a single day. Simply add your favorite quilt and you have a niceaddition to your room.

Simple Quilt Rack
Quilts are one of those things in life that have no negatives. They are made with love and precious time. They are beauties to behold when they are just lying around. They bring warmth and comfort on cold winter nights. Many of them tell a story or have a history to them that can be passed down from generation to...

Oak Quilt Rack
This stylish oak quilt rack will enhance any room that it is displayed in, and will add to that special country charm you strive to achieve.

Lighted Quilt Hanger
Decorative quilts make great wall displays, and this quilt valance gives you an easy way to show off a quiltówith light, no less. The top of the valance doubles as a small shelf for displaying plates or other collectibles. The design can easily adapt to any quilt size.

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