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High-Style Deck Railing Plan

Deck Railing With Built-In Lighting Plan

Good-Neighbor Fence Plan

Fence Planter Plan

Garden Trellis Plan

Trellis with a Twist Plan

Garden Lattice Screen Plan

One Terrific Trellis Plan

Railings Post Ends
Add a design flourish to your posts! Make these post ends yourself or check with your Building supply dealer for ready-made post cups.

Stairway Railing
Thi request took Ron to Barnardsville, North Carolina, a rural town on the western border of the state. Here, Toby and Susie Shelton live in a rustic home that was built by Susie's great, great grandparents. Toby and Susie's two-year...

New Stair Railing
Ron's trip through coastal New England this week continued in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where Pat and Judy Nerbonne had just about completed their eighteen month long renovation project on their old 1800's home. They asked Ron to help them out with a...

Porch Railing
In this first episode of Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls, Ron takes us to the home of Ray and Kathie Mueller. The Muellers have a beautiful front porch and they asked Ron if he could help them build a new porch railing.

Deck Railing Designs
Ideas for railing plans and deck designs.

How to Build Deck Railings
Deck railings, or better known as railings, alone are essential for both the aesthetic appearance and the safety of the deck.

How to Build A Grind Rail
How to Build a Grind Rail. How to build a very sturdy grind rail. This design is a bit more time/money/effort consuming than other, simpler ones.

How to Build A Staircase Rail
How to Build a Staircase Rail.

Install A New Stair Handrail | The Family Handyman
Be the first DIYer to like this give it a thumbs-up!

How to Build A Simple Handrail
A simple step by step instruction guide to building a simple handrail.

How to Build Custom Deck Railings
With the deck floor complete, build custom railings. The decks support posts serve as mounts for the new railing system.

DIY Wood Railings
Wod railings are a wonderful way to make your home more beautiful. You can create railings yourself or choose to custom-order your wood.

Wood Stair Railing
Professional staircase builders usually charge more for over-the-post staircases, in part because the builder must provide more components for the handrail to travel from its starting point to its termination. Do-it-yourself builders will find it easier to construct the post-to-post railing.

How to Install Wood Stair Railings
Is your existing wood railing outdated? Installing wood stair railings is easier than you might think, especially if you already have one or more in place.

How to Install a Stair Railing on Walls
Although many staircases have railings on the open side of the stairs, it's prudent to have a railing down the wall side of the stairs, too.

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