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Ramp Plans Dot Org
Site featuring free ramp plans and ramp building (Skateboard, BMX, whatever. ) information.

Skateboard Ramp Plans
We have over 20 different skateboard ramp plans to help you out plus general information such as construction tips, full on articles with pictures on how build a skateboard ramp and skateboard ramp designs.

Skateboard Ramp Plans
Free skateboard ramp plans including banks, funboxes, halfpipes, rails, pyramids, quarter pipes, and lots more (dude).

Utility Ramp
Although I made this unit for my scooter and it works quite well, the decision as to whether it will work safely for you depends on your load and material being transported. The final decision as to...

RV Ramp
Simple ramp for leveling recreational vehicles. Visit Jon's web site for downloadable dollhouse plans. PDF Format...

Heckler Ramp Plans!
Tired of skating the same old curb? Don't have a ride or five bucks for the skate park? No problem. Homemade, portable wooden ramps are relatively inexpensive and easy to build.

Build this ramp with this complete how-to guide for around $450 US! These plans are for a beginners halfpipe and were designed to take the best advantage of the dimensions of 4'x8' plywood and 2\"x4\"x8' studs and have little waste.

BMX Ramp Plans
Funbox, pyramid, quarter pipe, halfpipe, launch, drop in, pyramid, transition and coping ramp plans.

Vert Halfpipe Plans
These are plans to make an 8 foot high and 16 foot wide halfpipe (the same that I have built in my barn). These plans can be adjusted. Before you start you need to make sure that you have plenty of room to build it. It is possible to build outside (on a hard ground), but you need to make sure you have a good way to...

Skateboard Ramp Plans
A skateboard ramp is a project mum and dad can build on a weekend with lots of kid help too! Rob says "hey it's cheaper than building a pool." Remember that skateboard ramps can be dangerous so users must wear all the safety gear necessary - helmet, wrist, knee and elbow pads.

Skateboard Ramp Pattern Sheet
The kids will be stoked with their very own skateboard ramp, complete with grind rail and enough curve and height to let them fly. To view and print the pattern sheets, click on the links below and click on the resulting image to enlarge the sheet.

Skateboard Mini-Ramp
A skateboard mini-ramp is a great way to work on your skateboarding skills in your driveway or quiet street corner, and you can assemble it so it comes apart for easy storage and moving.

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