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Craftsman Rocking Chair Plan

Classic Pony Rocker Plan

Children’S Rocking Chair

Teddy Bear Rocking Chair Plan

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Mission Style Children’S Rocking Chair

Classic Rocking Chair
Everyone loves a rocker--and it's easy to see why. This is a chair that's not designed for anything practical, like eating or working, but simply created for one purpose--relaxation. Combining a welcome break for tired feet and a gentle, soothing motion, it's the ideal chair for catching up with the...

Restore An Antique Rocking Chair
With its failed glue joints and a weather-worn finish, our rocker (below) might seem ready for the trash. The freshly stained and finished restoration (above) is ready for the next 100 years of fireside comfort. If there's one thing all 21st century woodworkers can claim, it's remarkable good fortune.

Designing A Rocking Chair
I am interested in designing a rocking chair. I have found plenty of information on chairs but nothing basic about the geometry of a rocker. Can you explain seat placement and back angle relative to...

An Arts & Crafts Style Rocking Chair
Plans for building an Arts & Crafts Style rocking chair.

Large Rocking Chair
Very detailed drawing of a rocking chair. DXF Format.

Rocking Chair
Circa 1900 rocking chair. Beautiful lines, but not a beginner's project. DXF Format.

How To Restore An Old Wooden Rocking Chair
How To Restore An Old Wooden Rocking Chair.

Child's Rocking Chair
When painting a child's rocking chair, there are many things to consider, Apply a wood conditioner to the furniture before you color with stain.

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