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Bit Box
Router bits, as we all know, should be kept out of harms way for the sake of your projects and your sanity. Store bought bit cases are usually more expensive than they're worth, or cheaper and inadequate.

Making Your Own Router table
There have been a number of questions from new woodworkers for more information on the type of router table I use, so I thought it was perhaps time to do a page on my router table and to show those interested,...

Mounting A Router In A Bench Or Table Top
Cut a hole in your router table top using a plunge router and a straight flute bit. Clamp fences around the hole to limit the travel of the router...

Router Table Fence
This rather elaborate router table fence has clamps built into it to secure it to the table, as well as an adjustment for fine tuning the distance of the fence from the bit. All this is accomplished...

Raised Panel Jig For The Router Table
I like to make raised panels on the router table rather than on the table saw. To do this, I use a shop-built panel-raising jig and a straight bit, see photo. The jig looks unusual because the fence...

Making a Router Fence for TS III
The Incra TS III fence works fine for the various dovetail and box joints that the Incra System does so well. If there is a weak area, it is having such a small gap between the router fence and the table saw fence. There is little room for a dust collection...

Router Table
A router table is an invaluable tool. The problem, however, is that ready-built router tables are usually relatively expensive and too narrow for many projects. This router table provides a workable area of 15" (381 mm) which will allow you far more flexibility than a shop-bought model. Further, the...

Bench Top Router Table
If you don't have space in your shop for a floor mounted router table, or if you want a simpler route to a router table so to speak, consider this project.

Floor Standing Router Table
A floor standing router table offers two advantages over smaller router tables that you can mount on your bench. Aside from the fact that it doesn't take up space on the bench, it gives you storage...

Building the Sommerfeld Router Table Cabinet
If you are regular readers to this site, you know that I regard Marc Sommerfeld as a great cabinet maker, teacher, and creator of products. One such product is his solid phenolic router table. As he says, " takes the form of a shaper." What makes...

Making a Bench Top Router Table the Easy Way
When I made my version of Marc Sommerfeld's router table, I received some letters of "criticism"-- basically asking " can you do all that router work to make the table, if the table wasn't made yet?" That's a good point -- a very good point. So...

Router Table
One of the most popular additions to a wood shop. Build this one in a weekend. See it at this web site. DXF Format.

Simple Router Table
This router table sits on a Workmate, it is suitable for most small routers and can be made very easily, a powerbar can be fastened to one end and used as a switch for the router. Always remember to unplug...

Router Table Base
When I bought my new 3 -hp router the old router table I had been using was hopelessly obsolete. Back to Sears and a new Craftsman Industrial table was added to my inventory. The new router table...

Mobile Router Center
This rolling router center has onboard storage for all your router components, folds into a tidy package, serves as an extra work surface and rolls out of the way when you're done.

Mini Router Table
Plans for mini router table...

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