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Free Salt and Pepper Shakers Woodworking Plan
This contemporary condiment set seems to display ebony side accents. Those black stripes are really ordinary O-rings, and they hold the lids on these cleverly designed salt and pepper shakers

How to Make a Free Salt Shaker in Two Easy Steps
How to make a free salt shaker for combating ice using a tin can and a piece of metal

Nesting Doll Salt Shakers
Decorative salt shakers made from blank wooden nesting dolls, acrylic paint, and a power drill with a tiny bit.

Make a Salt Shaker Photo Holder
How about taking a dollar store set of salt and pepper shakers and turning them into a unique photo display?

YouTube - Turning A Salt Shaker
How to turn a salt shaker using a lathe, a small chunk of wood, and a little imagination.

How to Turn Old Coke Bottles Into Salt Shakers
A Coke bottle salt shaker has the benefit of being sturdy and holding a generous amount of seasoning.

How To Turn A Pepper Mill
What an exciting day! I just got home from attending a hands-on seminar at Lee Valley where I learned how to turn a pepper mill!

Instructions For Turning a 10 Inch Peppermill
Step by step instructions for turning a wooden peppermill. You can also buy the mechanism here.

How to Turn a Peppermill
Making a peppermill is a relatively simple process combining spindle turning techniques and drilling on the lathe.

Pepper Mill - It's a New Grind
Once you figure out the sequence of steps to make them efficiently, pepper mills are really not that difficult.

Turning A Peppermill
Turning peppermills is one of the more common lathe projects, but one that can be a little intimidating.

DIY Salt Pepper Shakers
Recycle your used light bulbs into something not just artistic, but also useful - salt and pepper shakers!

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