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Sunshade Sandbox
A great back yard spot for the kids to pretend they're spending the day at the beach! your kids can enjoy many happy hours in this special, free-standing Sunshade Sandbox, just as you did when you were young and fancy-free. Oh, to be a kid again!

Make Your Own Sandbox
The 7- x 10-foot model we built isn't cheap—about $300 plus sand—but is irresistible to kids and built to last. It features comfy seats, sturdy lids, a toy box and ample elbowroom.

Building a Sandbox
Kids and sand are a timeless combination, bringing to mind hours of simple, clean fun (well, cleaner than some things). The eight-foot by eight-foot frame we're building takes up 64 sq. ft.

Building A Backyard Sandbox
There's no doubt about it, kids love sand - digging, burying, sifting, pouring, shaping, smoothing, and shoveling! Building a sandbox is actually easy enough that the kids can be quite involved in the process.

Building A Sandbox
Building a sandbox For backyard play equipment a sandbox is good place to start! Children can have hours of fun in a sandbox using their imaginations, building castles, towns or cites. The plans for...

Building A Sandbox
The plans for this sandbox are very simple. The box itself can be built in a morning (except perhaps hauling in all the sand!) and is very inexpensive.

Lily Pool Or Sand Box
To take the weight of water or sand the container is made from sturdy 2" x 6", 2" x 12" and 2" x 4" Cedar. To hold water, the inside of the box requires a polyethylene liner. Cedar...

The Sunshade Sandbox
A great back yard spot for the kids to pretend they're spending the day at the beach! Sit back in your favorite easy chair. Close your eyes and recall those misty memories of childhood days gone by. Remember...

Backyard Sandbox
Building a backyard sandbox is a great project that will give children unlimited hours of fun. The first step is to decide where in the yard the sandbox will be placed. Consider placing the sandbox in an area that is shady during your child’s typical playtime.

Portable Sandbox
Spend any time in an early childhood classroom, and you'll see kids flocking to the "sensory table," usually a large tub filled with sand, water, or any number of materials to give kids a tactile experience. Not only does this kind of play give young children the sensory experience they need, it keeps them engaged...

Shaded Sandpit
Who needs to go to the beach when you can build sandcastles in your own backyard?

Sandbox with Seats
There are of course many sandbox plans online, and mine follows one of those plans (Bob Vila's simple sandbox and deluxe sandbox), but here I'm going to give you my real-life step-by-step build, with ALL the gritty details often left out of those shorter how-to articles.

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