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Cordwood Sauna
While there are electric- and sometimes gas-fired sauna stoves, even in Finland, old-timers will tell you that the only authentic sauna is wood-fired.

Homebuilt Sauna
Home made sauna from Mother Earth News that features a cinder block foundation and recycled wood.

Panel Built Sauna
Hometime shows you step by stem how to assemble an indoor wood sauna from a kit, starting with the walls, door, ceiling and then the benches and heater.

Home Sauna Tips
Using a sauna, rules of the sauna, sauna tips, sauna advice, wood choices and other usefuls sauna tid bits.

Cedar Saunas and Hot Tubs
Helpful information about the best type of wood to use for building a sauna and a sauna FAQ.

Build Your Own Sauna -
Sep 19, 2006 It can be easier than you think to build your own sauna. With some basic carpentry skills and a little specialized understanding you can be relaxing in your own home sauna in no time at all.

How to Build A Sauna Room
A sauna room is easy to build however there are some major factors that should be taken into place before diving right in.

How To Build Your Own Sauna
The first installment in series of how to bulid a sauna goes over very important question of how you plan to heat sauna.

How to Build A Home Sauna
The first factor to evaluate when planning how to build a sauna is your heat source.

DIY Sauna
With a little effort and expense, the health and recreational benefits of saunas can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

How to Build A Sauna
In addition, heat-resistant interlocking vinyl floor tiles can be installed over wooden sauna floors for extra protection and comfort.

Planning A Home Sauna
Plan your very own home sauna.

Outside Sauna
However, with the right tools and materials, building a home outside sauna in your backyard is relatively easy.

How to Make a Sauna at Home
A sauna sounds really complicated to build, though it's simpler than you actually think. These instructions will guide you into building a safe, long-lasting sauna.

How to Intall an Infrared Sauna
Just the thought of a sauna is relaxing. An infrared sauna, with its penetrating heat (as opposed to a conventional sauna), only makes the experience more satisfying.

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