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Master Woodbutcher's Sewing Cabinet Plans
Features two flip-out table sections, Serger shelf storage, ample work surface. Roughly based on the Horn cabinet design. The large surfaces are all 3/4" oak veneer plywood, except the doors, which are solid oak.

Designing a Sewing Center
An informative article from the College of Agriculture and Home Economics at New Mexico State University. Discusses basic features of a cutting table, sewing table, and pressing table. Also describes how a well-designed sewing area can be a seldom used closet, an out-of-the-way corner or a cabinet especially designed...

Pine Sewing Table Plans
An attractive sewing table featuring solid pine construction, a laminate table top, four drawer storage, and ball bearing draw guides. The top measures 19"x47" and it's 29'' tall. The project requires a lathe, table saw and hand tools. Very detailed drawing with lots of helpful tips included. ($3 donation)

Sewing Cabinet Plan Set
The sewing machine cabinet was designed to be easy to build, but incorporate all the necessary features. And, it can be built on a budget - less than $300. The work surface (open) is 92 Ĺ"-long and 22 ľ"-wide (32" tall) to accommodate the largest of sewing projects with ease. ($4.95 - almost free)

Sewing Cabinet Drawing
Copy of a Martha Washington sewing cabinet. DXF Format.

Shaker Sewing Steps
Sewing steps provide a foot rest for someone sewing by hand in a seated position. Itís also an easy project that uses less than 2 board feet of hardwood.

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