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Bathing Beauty Shed
As seen in the August 2004 issue and repeated in the Christmas 2004 issue. A garden shed needs to look good and not take up too much space.

Chicken Coop
This A-frame chicken coop can be moved about your yard quite easily and will keep your hens feeling clucky, safe and right at home.

Chicken Coop
How to build a fabulous hen house. If happy hens produce the best eggs, yours will lay a bounty living it up in their deluxe coop. The large laying-box doors provide easy access...

Garden "Outhouse" Tool Shed
My wife is an avid gardener and was constantly carrying a specific group of tools back and forth from the permanent shed to the garden on opposite sides of the yard. Because I had recently purchased a...

Basic Shed
Basic Shed To keep out the weather the roof can be covered with Cedar boards, shakes or shingles. Set the posts in concrete footings and make sure they're plumb, with inside faces parallel for a true...

Yard Shed
With an ever-growing inventory of lawn and garden equipment, (I NEEDED a 19 horsepower mower! Honest!) we needed somewhere to store all of it. The 10X12-foot steel shed was not big enough, but there was...

Good In Shed
So Hutch for So Little! A perky shed to conceal homely garbage cans and frustrate furry scavengers. Artisans' work featured on this Episode...

Wooden Garden Shed
Design a structure to suit your own particular needs and tastes. This approach may cost more and take longer, but it's the best way to get what you want. We had in mind a basic 9 x 13-ft. shed built with decent materials and conventional framing methods. Material costs for our project came to around $2400.

Chicken Barn
Building a chicken barn or a chicken coop takes some resources and skill, but the results are worth it.

Vintage Brushed Steel Credenza
Transform an old piece of office furniture into an attractive, modern object for your home. Vintage piece of metal furniture. (In this case a credenza found at a used office furniture store.) Replacement...

Storage Shed
Storage sheds come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the methods that I use when I design anything is to understand what raw material sizes are available. Simple designs lead to simple easy to build products, in this case an outdoor storage shed.

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