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Bow Shelf
This simple shelf is an excellent beginner project; it can be made out of pine with a clear finish or out of plywood and then be painted.

Fancy Wall Shelf
This beautiful wall shelf is basically a 1x4 or 1x6 board with crown molding mounted on the bottom.

Rustic Step Shelf
Recycled timber can add a little warmth and a sense of history to any room. Shirl has found a piece of Oregon that's just perfect for a rustic set of shelves.

Shaker Shelves
Shaker shelves combine form and function, adding a rustic look to your home. Learn how to build them with these easy step-by-step instructions.

Three Heart Shelves
Make this shelf from pine and stain it or use plywood and paint it.

French Cleat
A simple drawing that shows the wall hanging cleat system in profile. This is the method I use to attach cabinets and such to the walls of my shop. Examples of its use can be found in the shop tour.

Wall Mounted Knickknack Shelf
The dictionary tells us that a knick knack is a small article intended for ornament, and that definition can apply to this wall-mounted shelf itself as well as its contents. It will dress up an empty...

Country Shelf
This wall-mounted country shelf makes a great place to display collectors plates, nick-knacks or treasured trophies in your children’s room.

Wall-Mounted Shelf Unit
A small unit of open shelves can hold spices and other kitchen items, a collection of miniatures or even rows of tiny plants. Finished height of unit 498mm; width 400mm; depth...

Ready-To-Hang Shelving
Shelves are sturdiest when their supports are anchored directly to wall studs. If brackets must be anchored between studs, use mollies or toggle bolts, and follow manufacturer's weight limits. On cement or brick walls, use masonry anchors to attach shelf...

Country Shelf
Patterns for simple country style shelves. An easy afternoon project suitable for any country decor. DXF Format.

Sled Shelf
A wall shelf patterned after an old fashioned sled. A clever and unique gift. DXF Format.

Southwest Shelf
Small wall shelf done in the Southwestern style. DXF Format.

Ball Glove Wall Shelf
Real cute wall shelf for a child's room. Shaped like a baseball glove and holds bat, ball, and hat. DXF Format.

Country Shelf
Patterns for simple country style shelves. An easy afternoon project suitable for any country decor. DXF Format.

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