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Custom Shoe Rack
Home repair expert Henry Harrison shows a guest how to stay a step ahead of her closet clutter by helping her build a custom shoe rack. On his elbow grease scale of one to four, Harrison gives this task a three.

Shoe Rack
The entrance area of our homes is usually untidy with scattered shoes. A solution to this problem is a shoe rack or maybe three or four (depending on how many shoes). On the Router Workshop episode #1110, Bob and Rick design and build a stacking shoe rack to fit every need.

Here's A Handy Boot Bench Project
There's a need for both storage and a place to sit down to lace up those boots. Our bench provides for both these needs, with style. It's constructed of solid poplar and birch plywood...

Shoeshine Box
A very simple plan for a child's shoeshine box. Might make a good cub scout project. DXF Format.

How to Make a Wood Shoe rack
With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can construct a Wooden Shoe Rack for Shoes, as shown here.

Your Own Shoe Rack
Here's a great weekend project: a shoe-rack to handle footwear build-up in closets. Made from inexpensive "gingerbread" trim, the rack gives you two layers of shoes, effectively doubling closet floor-space (and self-sufficiency).

Boot Box
This is a speciality box to sit on while lacing up heavy boots. It goes in a mud room or other wide entry way. It simply makes a ordinary task less stressful.

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