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Built This Shot Glass Display Case
I built this shot glass display case for my son-in-law Steve, to display his collection of shot glasses. Fee plan.

How to Build A Shot Glass Display Shelf
The size of the cabinet will depend on how many glasses are in your collection. The instructions below are for a cabinet displaying 100 shot glasses.

How to Build A Wood Shelf For Shot Glasses
Building your own wooden shot glass display shelf is the best way to assure that each of the shot glasses in your collection is displayed in a place of honor.

Displaying Your Shot Glass Collection
I make my shelves out of 1x3 lumber (not 1x3 furring strips). Most large lumber yards or "home centers" sell pre-cut lengths of wood such as Poplar.

Shot Glass / Display Shelf
I built this with 3/4 oak ply and used 1/4 oak ply for the cubicles and back. The stain is red Mahogany with three coats of satin lacquer. It measures 39 wide x 37 1/2 tall and 3 deep.

Shot Glasses 101
How to Build a Shot Glass Display Shelf. One of the common pastimes in the United States is building a collection of items that appeal to us.

Grampa's Workshop Shot Glass Case
I built these for a customer who collects shot glasses from all around the world. Each display holds 112 shot glasses, some regular shot glasses and some tall shot glasses.

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