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Ammunition Sled
To make the sled, begin by knocking the barrel apart, being careful not to split the head-boards, as they will be needed afterward. Pick out the four best staves, as nearly alike in breadth and curve as can be found, and saw two or three of the other staves in halves.

Arctic Hand Sled
This is a picturesque sled and well adapted for winter hikes and overnight camping trips. This sled is not intended for coasting but for hauling only. While it is used as a hand sled in the far north, it is well adapted for one or two dogs.

Bob Sled
The Double-Runner, or Bob Sled, as it is frequently called, possesses many advantages over the long sleds formerly used west of the Allegheny Mountains. The old-fashioned sleds were steered by the boy in front kicking with his heels on the frozen snow, or the boy at the stern by dragging one foot behind as a rudder.

Child’s Sled
Here's a project that's as sure to be a big hit for a child or grandchild this Christmas as it is to be passed on to the next generation, and the next, and next. This classic sled will brighten any child's winter blues, and then double as a plant stand when “Old Man Winter” packs it in for the season.

Christmas Sled
This Christmas sled is perfect for a family with young children who enjoy the snow and just having fun.

Christmas Sled
Here's traditional Christmas toy that you needn't spend a mint on.

Corbin Carrier
Building an inexpensive and easy to build sled for winter hauling.

Eskimo Sled
This easy to make Eskimo sled is perfect for the family and friends and is sure to provide fun for all.

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