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Speaker Stand
Cut the components shown below from 3/4" material, the dimensions given are for the 9" wide speaker shown in the photo, the height and size of the top and base can be altered to fit your speakers. Sand...

Speaker Stand
These elevated stands will give your stereo speakers a lift The first few pay cheques I earned after high school went toward the biggest, loudest set of speakers I could afford. The key features for me were size and volume—and the gigantic set I bought could shake window panes at half the volume.

Speaker Stands
Isometric and plan view drawings of a stand for stereo speakers. DXF Format.

Speaker Stand
Speaker stand designed as a hexagonal column. DXF Format.

TNT Stubby-Speaker Stand
The design is pretty darned simple actually. Sandwich a sand filled piece of 3" schedule 40 PVC between two pieces of solid Red Oak. Tie them together with some 3/8" all thread rod and nuts, slap on some stain and you are done.

Speaker Stand With Hidden Storage
Wood selection makes all the difference in this project. Straight-grained pieces emphasize the stand's simple lines. Wild or angled grain is distracting, but often it's the norm in oak. No problem. If you don't mind wasting some wood, you can make your...

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