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Spice Rack
Painted maple spice rack with a cut-out heart on each side. Simple but attractive.

Spice Rack
I had a bit more of that recycled pre-used 3/8 oak left over from the CD storage case I made a while ago, and so I decided to make that spice rack we so desperately needed. It was a totally customized...

Spice Rack
A simple spice rack plan. Suitable for scout or class projects. DXF Format.

The Colonial Spice Cabinet
Here's a simple project, featuring quick and easy butt, rabbet and dado joints that let you cut out the various components and put them...

Spice Rack
Alex and Jeff asked Ron to help them create a spice cabinet that would not only accommodate all of the spices they currently own but also provide extra space as the collection continues to grow.

Spice Rack
This beautiful spice rack is a great project for anyone looking to build something and really feel good about themselves.

Spice Cabinet
Though members of your family arenít likely to store spices in a cabinet like this, you can bet that it will be an oft-requested item for you to build.

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