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Easy-To-Build Steps
A basic set of verandah steps is one of the more useful home projects you can build.

Stair Box
This clever step-hugging box collects all that stuff for the next trip up or down the stairs I have to admit that when I was asked to design and build this project it struck me as odd. Why would anyone want a junk box at the bottom of the stairs? Just as I was wondering about the judgment of project...

Built-in staircase drawers
Open up a windfall of unexpected storage space with these staircase drawers. When closed, the only hint that the drawers are there is the finger-pull hole Some time ago, I got an idea that forms the basis for this project. Iím not sure where...

Install An Attic Stairway
Ron was asked to make a visit to Eugene, Oregon to help Kim and Lloyd Mangun with a very frustrating problem. The Mangun's were rapidly running out of storage space in their home. The solution to their problem was just overhead in the attic above the...

Spiral Stairs
Spiral staircase plans for wood, Instructing you step by step on how to make a spiral staircase. Fee plan.

Building Wood Stairs
Building a set of wood stairs is not nearly as hard as you may think. With some basic wood tools and a bit of algebra you can build these wooden stairs in no time.

Building Simple Staircases
Building staircases is not hard if you follow the calculations. These guidelines will assist with the building of a

How to Build Outdoor Stairs
Step-by-step instructions for planning and building outdoor stairs.

How to Build Stairs
How to Build Stairs. Building stairs can be a daunting project for even an experienced builder. However, building a straight stairway to a porch or deck it is something that a competent DIY-er can take on.

How to Build Stairs
How to build interior stairs is no easy task. Truth of the matter told, it took months or years of experience for seasoned characters to master the craft of stair building.

Building Stairs
Building stairs is fun and an easy job. Here is some detailed information about how to build stairs.

YouTube - How to Build Deck Stairs
A basic understanding on how to build deck stairs.

Deck Stairs
Easy instructions on how to build deck stairs.

How To Build Stairs - Riser
To learn all about code requirements for stairs and how to build them step-by- step, check out the section on Stairs and Railings.

How To Build Stairs
Before learning the mechanics of how to build stairs, one must first learn a few basic guidelines for safe stair-building practices.

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