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Bed Step Stool - Woodworking

Oak Plant Stands Plan

Step-Right-Up Stepstool Plan

Step Stool

Adirondack Footstool & Side Table Plan

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Mission Style ChildreníS Rocking Chair

Mission Style ChildreníS Chair

Wouldst Thou Wood
Mellow out and escape life's pressures by building a cricket bench. This is a great beginner's project and you can even make your own old-fashioned milk paint.

Ergonomic stool
Ergonomic stools provide the combined benefit of being both good for your back and being a convenient spare due to the fact that you can fold them up when they are not in use. The stool is surprisingly easy to construct: there are no complicated joints to make and no special tools required. This stool...

Step Stool
This woodworking plans project is a great handy stool anywhere around the house. Easily get at out of reach places and provide an extra boost for the youngsters. Constructed from your favorite wood, this...

Footstool From Scraps Project
Here's another easy project for the new woodworker. This one will encompass some of the basic techniques of both design and woodworking. It's a project which can be attractive, functional and strong.

Redwood Stool
Small stool designed for use on a deck. DeltaCAD DC format only.

Milking Stool
This small stool is handy in the kitchen to get a step up to reach the top cupboards or use it as a stand for a flower pot. Any wood is suitable, pine is not that expensive and easy to work...

Folding Camp Stools Of Roman Britain
Folding Camp Stools Of Roman Britain

Stool--Tryangle Stolys For My Lord
Turned stool plans with photos and documentation.

Bulldog Footstool
I was looking for a project that involved my new lathe when my wife saw a footstool in a catalog and got an idea.

Stool Crazy After All These Years
A great little footstool that teaches you a new skill or two and takes a load off! Great stool sample...

Step Stool
When Oliver, my two-and-a-half-year-old son, needed help to reach the sink and toilet, I decided to make this handy stool. I kept the design as simple as possible so that he could help out with most of the work.

The 'Lund' Viking Stool - A Method Of Replication
Reproduction based on the "Lund" Viking stool which dates from the 11th century.

Practical Stool
These plans are shown with 2D drawings and cutouts of the top and side of the stool. The stool can be made with many kids of wood but we recommend that you use a nice texture like ash, walnut, beech, cedar, birch, maple, oak, pine.

Handy Kitchen Stool
A sturdy stool never goes astray in a busy household. Whether you need some safe means of reaching the back of a top shelf or changing a light bulb, want somewhere to sit while shelling the prawns or could do with an extra seat outside, this stool will find many uses.

Step Stool
No house is complete without a good footstool. Kids needing to brush their teeth canít reach the faucet, and everybody that needs to tie a shoe or reach up to that top shelf in the closet needs a footstool. This is the easiest project to build as a beginner.

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