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Surfboard Rack Plans - DIY Surfboard Rack, How to Make A Rack For A Surfboard, and more

DIY Surfboard Rack
Growing collection of surfboards starting to clog your garage or hallway? Jeff at El Porto Fridays solved this problem in an elegant, quick and cheap manner, with easy to find materials from your corner hardware store.

How to Make A Rack For A Surfboard
Surfboard racks are a simple project that cost little money, are quick to build, Mount the rack with wood screws into the wall studs for plaster walls.

How to Make A Surfboard Wall Rack
Most surfers need a safe place to store their boards and many of the surfboard wall racks on the market today are very expensive. So, I came up with an inexpensive way to create my own. The whole assembly costs less than $8.

How to Make A Surfboard Bike Rack
How to make a surfboard bike rack with a simple method using plastic pipe and pipe cement.

How to Make A Surf Rack For A Bike
How to Make a Surf Rack for a Bike. Surfs up. But before you paddle out, it will be necessary to devise a safe way to transport that surfboard.

Bicycle Surfboard Rack
As such, we should consider a surf rack for the bike, and one that isn't outrageously expensive, or look like something a bike company made.

How to Make A Surfboard Bike Rack
This how to article has been modified from its original, published in an articel entitled Do-it-Yourself Sidemounted Surfboard Rack for a Bicycle.

How to Build A Surfboard Rack
There are an infinite number of ingenious ways to build storage racks for surfboards. Many of them require a costly investment or woodworking skills; however, this rack is quick to make and is very cost effective

Attach a Surfboard to Existing Roof Racks
Attaching a surfboard to an existing roof rack can be a simple task. Once attached, the surfboard will sit securely on the roof rack and you can leave your worries about a surfboard flying down the highway at 60 mph at home.

Homemade Surfboard Racks
Homemade surfboard racks can be made cheaply and easily with little need for tools or knowledge of construction.

How to Install a Yakima Surf Rack
Yakima's surfboard rack is called the "StrapThang." It should be coupled with Yakima's 20-inch wide Crossbar Pads, which are used to protect the surfboard from chafing on the crossbars. The Crossbar Pads are sold separately. The StrapThang will accommodate a maximum of two surfboards.

DIY Side Mounted Surfboard Rack
You may not have ceilings high enough to mount the board vertically, so here are some tips on how to make a do-it-yourself side-mounted surfboard rack.

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