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Precision Crosscut Sled Plan

Table Saw Workcenter Plan

Universal Tablesaw Jig Plan

Tablesaw Seven Pack Plan

Table Saw Insert Plan

Box Joint Jig - Multiple Fence System

The Best Of Jim Heavey On DVD: 12 Great Tablesaw Jigs DVD

Miter Gauge Fence Plan

Compound Miter Sled
Here are plans for the compound miter sled that I use for making 12-sided 50-degree compound-mitered segmented rings.

Frame Miter Saw Sled
This page contains plans for the frame-miter table saw sled I use for cutting frame-mitered ring segments.

Strip Cutting Gauge
Guide to cut multiple thin strips the same width on a table saw.

Sacrificial Fence Attachment
One of the accessories we all need for a table saw is a sacrificial fence to protect the primary fence, particularly while making rabbets with a dado head. There probably are as many ways of making a...

Table Saw Cut Guide
Helps to make accurate cuts on a table saw.

Taper And Straight Edge Jig
Easy to make combination jig.

Zero Clearance Insert
Most table saw inserts have wide throat openings around the saw blade. This makes it all too easy for narrow cutoffs to fall in the opening and possibly bind against the blade. In addition, there's often...

Make A Tenoning Jig
A good jig will serve you for many years. Making a Tenoning Jig Hand cut joinery is a rite of passage for many woodworkers. But, cutting tenons by hand is time consuming and the results are not always...

Sliding Crosscut Board
Top view drawing of a sliding crosscut "shooting" board for TS. Has adjustable arm for miters. DXF Format.

Miter Board
Isometric drawing of a shooting board used to cut 45 degree angles for frames. For use with a table saw. DXF Format.

Straightening Jig
A jig used on the table saw to straighten the edge of rough lumber. BMP format.

Unisaw Insert
Aluminum throat plate for the Delta Unisaw. Has machined dovetailed opening for zero clearance wooden inserts. 1" opening accomodates Freud Super Dado. Print out drawing and take to a machinist. DXF Format.

Tapering Jig
A simple hinged tapering jig for use with a table saw. DXF Format.

Crosscut Sled Design Guide
This is an article with an illustration that explains how to design a crosscut sled used on a tablesaw. (PDF)...

Table Saw Panel Raising Jig
I normally make raised panels on the router table with my large-diameter Jesada bits, turned by a 3 -horsepower Craftsman router. However, there are times when using this jig on the table saw...

Crosscutting Sled
Extend your tablesaw's range with this shop-built accessory Shortly after unpacking my tablesaw I realized I needed a few things. The first was a crosscutting sled. Sounds basic, except that if you build your own, it must be perfect. And that part's not basic. You will need to make sure your blade is...

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