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Backyard Teeter Totter
As a DIY project, we would rate the difficulty on this build to be a 3 out of 10. (10 being the most difficult) Coincidentally 3 is also the average number of days it may take to complete this project depending on various factors, like weather, tool availability, your general health, your skill level, time without...

Easy to Build See-Saw
This play device is low cost, has a safe design, and will stand up to the abuse children give it. The base of the whole design is a galvanized steel window well from your home center or building materials store. This project uses two window wells for strength and safety. The size of the galvanized steel window wells...

Sturdy Teeter Totter
This sturdy teeter board makes the small children happy both indoors and out. The material used was hardwood such as birch but pine will do almost as well.

The Teeter Totter
Another excuse to bust out our favorite stationary - green engineering graph paper. the plan was to build a 12 foot long teeter-totter with an approach angle of 20-22.

DIY Teeter-Totter
Teeter-totters, or seesaws, remain favorite pieces of playground equipment with children around the world.

How to Build A Teeter Totter
Here's some photographs of a teeter totter I built for an interview website called Teeter Talk. Its designed to accommodate at least an adult-sized person.

How to Build A Teeter Totter
How to Build a Teeter Totter. The teeter-totter is an important part of a dog agility course.

Building The Teeter Totter
Step by step instructions with images on how to build a teeter totter.

Building A Teeter Totter
Step-by-step instructions with materials and photos.

Building A Teeter Totter
This video is sure to help you build your very own teeter totter.

How to Make A Teeter Totter From PVC | EHow.Co.Uk
Start by constructing a simple teeter totter out of PVC pipe.

How to Make a Teeter-Totter
A well-built, reliable teeter-totter costs about $300, but building your own can be done for a fraction of the price. If you enjoy working with your hands and have a well-equipped garage, this is the project for you.

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