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Tool Box Plan

Tool Box Plan - Build a Carpenter's Tool Box

Craftsman’S Pride Tool Chest Plan, Mission Style

Rolling Cabinet Plan

Tool Cabinet Plan - Build an Heirloom Tool Cabinet

Classic Oak Tool Cabinet Plan

Shop Utility Cabinet Plan

Tool Storage Bins

The 9 Drawer Workshop Toolbox
Nine drawers of storage in this 2-piece toolbox give you a place for everything This workshop toolbox features a total of nine drawers to hold all types of hand tools and small accessories for your ...

Beginner's Tool Box
Just about any furniture maker will tell you that it's hard to have too many tools. This is probably true because these people have a deep appreciation for just how useful tools can be. The right one for the job can make any task easier, quicker and very often safer. Over the years a successful artisan...

Building A Tool Box
Here are the plans for building an easy to construct yet handy to have tool box. I made mine almost 20 years ago, I think as a temporary box, but since it has lasted I have used it continuously ever...

Building A Child's Wooden Toolbox
Building this toolbox is a great way to teach your child basic carpentry skills. Building a Child's Wooden Toolbox Building a child's toolbox is a great project for a parent and child to do together.

Child-Sized Tool Box
A simple tool box to please a budding DIYer.

Wooden Toolbox
This unique toolbox includes sides and ends that incorporate a wavelike theme. The corners are assembled with box joints and the bottom panel is fitted into a groove that runs around the entire periphery of the toolbox. Building A Tool Box Plans for building a basic no...

Toolbox Plans
This toolbox is handy for use in both the garden and the workshop. It makes a great gift for Dad especially if filled with tools. It is long enough to fit the most popular "short cut" saws, plus it has... Making A Tool Caddy A tool caddy made from 2x4's...

Child's Toolbox
Build this toolbox with your child or make it as a gift, filled with small size tools it makes a fantastic birthday or Christmas present. You will probably be asked to make one for adults as well, it...

Shadow Box Tools
A shadow box is a great way to display different items, whether it be sports memorabilia or antique tools. Put small tools that you want to share with people, but not allow them to touch, in the shadow box and hang it on the wall.

Kids Tool Box
This was built and painted by a kindergartner!

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