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Paper towel holder
This is a quick and easy project for anyone who is fed-up with plastic paper towel holders which never seem to work as well as they should. The project should take less than two hours to complete from start to finish and is a great addition to any kitchen or workshop. Construction Tools required: jigsaw,...

The Secret Compartment Paper Towel Holder
Here's a quick, easy-to-make paper towel rack that's unlike any you'll find elsewhere Many small jobs around the house can't be done in the shop. Instead, they often have to occur on-site. That means...

The Gallery Rail Paper Towel Holder
This Towel Holder turns a plain roll of paper towels into an attractive point of interest in any kitchen.

Towel Bar
Quality materials make a simple design stylish Easy walnut and aluminum towel bar To build this project you'll need some 1/2"-thick hardwood; I used some scrap walnut and a length of 3/8" aluminum rod.

Assemble a Towel Holder
To build this project you’ll need some 1/2” thick hardwood; the tools required are a good handsaw, a drill with a ½ inch Forstner bit, a #6 countersinking bit and a hacksaw

Birdhouse Paper Towel
Made for the counter; this is a simple project that requires a little imagination.

Oak Paper Towel Holder
If you like a natural look in your kitchen, this wooden paper towel holder will provide an additional accent. It is a great kitchen accessory, and can be mounted on a wall or on the side of a cabinet.

Paper Towel Holder
This useful yet simple-to-build paper towel holder; it costs virtually nothing and requires little time to complete.

Roll Holder
Roll holders and mug trees make good projects for beginners to practice their tool skills on. Making matching columns for a pair of items, and the pegs for a mug tree, are particularly good exercises.

Towel Hanger
This towel hanger is only a few pieces of wood and a 1/2" steel ball, sounds easy enough and it is.

Towel Rack
Bathroom towel racks are simple to make: even the novice woodworker can achieve success with this project.

Vertical Towel Holder
Here's a simple, “turn-it-yourself” Paper Towel Holder that you should be able to make in record numbers…and, in record time, too!

Towel Holder
Here's an "easy to build" plan that you'll probably use every day. This paper towel holder is a classy step up from the plastic holders most of us have in our homes.

Kitchen Towel Holder
A towel rack is a great way to organize the kitchen's collection of towels, and will help them dry quicker and stay cleaner longer. Building a kitchen towel rack will take little time and energy, and can be finished within a weekend.

Free-Standing Paper Towel Holder
To avoid losing, dropping, or dirtying your entire roll of towels, build your own simple paper towel holder for clean, easy access to just the few towels you need.

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