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Child's Bench Toy Box
A large toy box with a bench back and arm rests. It also has casters, an internal tray, and a secret compartment underneath. It can be build from materials readily...

Build A Toy Box
A toy box is a treasure chest for a child. Opening the the lid opens the door to a new world of possibilities, limited only by the imagination. If your treasured person isn't a child, this piece also...

Toy Box On Castors
This toy box is set on swivel castors so it's very easy to move around. Make it this weekend. Its finished size is top 700mm x 500mm; height 416mm.

Toy Box
A really cute toy box designed to look like a locomotive. DXF Format.

The Covered Wagon Toy Box
Its canvas-like top “corrals” a bunch of toys out of sight while its large diameter wooden wheels make it easy to move from room-to-room. Here's a replica of an early settler's covered wagon...

Toy Storage
Paul Hill, a cabinetmaker in Morrisburg, Ont., gave me the idea for this toy storage unit: He stepped on one too many stray playthings before coming up with this simple design. If you’ve had it with the daily ritual of tiptoeing around wayward toys, head into the shop with these plans. And you can always...

Toy Box Plans
Build the wood toy box shown on the right with just a few tools and a small investment in materials!

Kids Konstruction Korner
This section is devoted to simple projects your children can build themselves. This is not like the pine-wood derby where dad does the work and son carries the car into the race your children will actually...

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