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Storage and Trash Can Bin
Detailed plans and illustrations are included to help you build this helpful storage and trash can bin.

Trash Enclosure
An outside trash compartment that's not only convenient and good looking but also tamper proof.

Trash Can Corral
This easy-to-build trash can corral provides a long-lasting option for disguising your trash cans.

Compost Container
Here are a few ideas to make it clear how simply you could have a working compost bin in your backyard.

Compost Bin from a Trash Can
A simple compost bin can be made by using a trashcan that can then be sat at anywhere in the backyard without any one giving it a second glance.

Wooden Trash Bin
If you are tired of the usual plastic trash can and want something a bit more stylish for your home, a wooden trash bin is a great solution

Your Own Composter
Composting is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while creating nutrient-rich soil for your garden.

Wooden Trash Can
You can make your own wooden trash can, however, with little effort and not much cost.

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