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Recycler's Can Crusher
Crushing aluminum cans takes up less space in your recycling bin. This can crusher is easy to make and could be a fun project for the kids to help with.

Kitchen Garbage Can
Kitchen garbage containers are usually very ugly and the best approach is usually to buy a small plastic container that will fit under the sink. However, after pondering this problem for a while, I came to the conclusion that there was absolutely no reason why garbage cans cannot be made out of wood.

Trash Can Corral
Corral that trash with this two-bin unit with lattice work sides. From Georgia-Pacific.

Waste Basket
A wastepaper basket with a lot of good ideas thrown in Toss out any notion that simple construction makes for a less-than-elegant project and build this stylish wastepaper basket. The tall stance and gently tapered sides are inspired by old maple sap buckets, and the Baltic birch plywood and stripped-down...

Trash and Recycle Bin
The door is self locking, due to the weight of the lid, and the garbage bag area is separate from the recycle area. The baluster on the left door stile, hides the seam of the door, and a handle is unnecessary due to the open lattice panel.

How to Build A Pull-Out Trash Bin
Learn how to build and install a pull-out trash bin for your kitchen cabinets; watch a video of bin construction and installation.

How to Make A Trash Can
This trash container, built in two parts, is easier than it looks.

How to Make Compost in A Trash Can
If you don't have the space for a compost pile, you can still put those kitchen scraps and yard waste to use in a trash can compost bin.

How to Build A Garbage Can Compost Bin
How to Build a Garbage Can Compost Bin. Composting is an easy way to save money and recycle your yard and kitchen waste.

Compost in A Garbage Can
Garbage cans are much cheaper than a commercial compost container. It doesn't take much to make one yourself.

Make A Composter from A Garbage Can
If you do not have the room for a large compost pile, your city will not allow it, or you would just rather have it neatly tucked away out of site, a composter made out of an inexpensive garbage can might just be for you.

How to Build A Trash Can Composter
wikiHow article about How to Build a Trash Can Composter.

Hide The Trash Can
I started with a box I made from birch plywood put it on wheels made a cut out slightly smaller than the top edge of the plastic trash bin insert, covered the interior with liquid fiberglass resin to seal it and make it easier to clean the occasional oops and put polyeurethane on the outside to match the cabinets.

DIY Trash Can Storage Bin
DIY Trash Can Storage Bin.

Trash Can Compost Bin
One of the least expensive ways to begin a composting project is to create a composting bin from a garbage can.

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