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The Free Trebuchet Plan
One big factor in the efficiency of the trebuchet is the location of the pivot point on the swing arm. The free plans for this project recommend you drill several holes so you can experiment with this factor.

Medium Trebuchet
Something the kids can do during free time. She suggested a catapult. Complete plans for the trebuchet in five parts.

Dan Becker Trebuchet Page
Here, the washer slides off of the prong in the end of the throwing arm and projectile flies free from the trebuchet.

How to Build A Trebuchet
How to Build a Trebuchet - Make the Little Dragon. A complete and free tutorial on making this 12 inch table top trebuchet.

How to Build A Trebuchet
How to Build a Trebuchet. A trebuchet was a weapon used in medieval times to hurl stones and boulders at castle walls.

How to Build A Trebuchet (1 Meter Scale)
For less than fifteen dollars, you can build a one by one-half meter trebuchet that will throw a croquet ball thirty meters. Fee plan.

Here's the story of one intrepid adventurers quest to build, and ride an ancient hurling machine.

How to Build A Trebuchet |
How to Build a Trebuchet. A trebuchet is an engine that uses a swinging motion to break walls or launch objects over them. It is traditionally made of pieces of wood.

Grey Company Trebuchet
Instead, it is a simple look at a few points that would-be trebuchet Going in the opposite direction, if you make a model trebuchet half the size.

DIY Trebuchet Catapult Construction
My second large, wooden, hanging counterweight trebuchet and the first well- documented one; this treb will consist of components that are all bolted.

Floating Arm Trebuchet
What's better than being able to throw golf balls and water balloons up to 100ft ? Doing it consistently without any effort! You can do this with a floating arm trebuchet.

Miniature Desk Launchers
You'll need the Working Wood Trebuchet Kit which can send small objects airborne over twenty feet. Use it to launch gummy bears at unsuspecting bystanders. Fee Plan.

Lego Trebuchet
It's fun to make, it's fun to shoot, and not so much fun to kill somebody.

The Knex Trebuchet
This instructable will teach you how to construct a large, almost authentic looking knex trebuchet. This trebuchet can launch marbles about 25 feet with a good launch.

Lego Trebuchet 2
This is a Lego Trebuchet I made for launching stuff. It has a range of about five feet depending on what ammo you use. It is good at shooting little lego pieces.

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