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Build a Tree Bench
Enjoy the shade of your favorite tree with a bench you can build yourself!

Circular Tree Bench
Here is a popular addition to your lawn or garden that can be built of either pine or hardwood, depending on what you have on hand.

Construct a Tree Bench
A tree bench is a circular bench constructed around a tree. The bench in this plan is approximately 6 feet in diameter and can be placed around any young tree in a community park or garden.

Custom Tree Bench
Learn how to build and install a wrap-around tree bench; watch a video that demonstrates step-by-step construction and installation tips.

Pinwheel Tree Bench
The bench we built will wrap around a 2-ft.-dia. tree and still leave enough overhangs at the end of each bench for a comfortable seat.

Tree Bench
Encircle a tree with a wooden hexagonal bench.

Wrap-Around Tree Bench
A wrap-around tree bench is a relatively simple thing to build that adds a lot of beauty to your garden.

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