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One Terrific Trellis Plan

Trellis with a Twist Plan

Garden Trellis Plan

Luxury Split-Level Pool Deck With Trellis Plan

Modular Split-Level Deck With Bar And Trellis Plan

Garden Lattice Screen Plan

Pergola Plan

Pergola Plan - Build a Sun-filtering Pergola for your Deck

A trellis for your climbing plants. DXF Format.

Lattice Panels
Clear cedar lattice is one popular option but lattice manufactured from cedar with sound tight knots is both economical and good quality. Lattice made from 1x2 in. Cedar is more sturdy and lasts longer...

Trellis Fence
Trellis fences can provide privacy from the street and neighbors, define special areas for outdoor living, and control wind, sun and noise. They're also handy for displaying flowers, vines...

Hinged Trellis
It may seem an odd way to begin, but I'm going to attract birds to my yard and step one, is to dig a posthole. What I want to do is mount the trellis up against this shed. It'll not only make the shed...

90-Degree Trellis
This project came from my need to justify the new brad-nailer and compressor I came home with one day. It turned out nice despite being the first trellis I attempted. The trellis is made from a 6ft. 2x6...

Trellis Something We Don't Know
A striking copper trellis with humble plumbing roots. This is my favourite project of all time because it's an insanely cocky and decorative application of plumbing skills. Now, plumbing is irritating for numerous reasons, but this trellis is not. Here's why: when you're plumbing household water lines,...

All's Weld That Ends Weld
Be the only one in your neighborhood to weld your own garden trellis! Even if you've never even thought about welding before, you're going to want to try it after seeing how easy it is to get started. Artisans' work featured on this Episode...

Our cedar obelisk makes an attractive focal point for your garden. Trellis obelisks are favoured by many gardeners as decorative focal points. “They’re elegant, formal, traditional,” explains Beckie Fox, editor-in-chief of our sister magazine, Canadian Gardening. “You can use them at the beginning of...

Wood Lattice
Learn how to build your own wood lattice that consists of diagonal or vertical and horizontal strips of wood (laths) cris-crossing to make a grille like pattern.

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