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Under Bed Storage Unit
If you're like most people, you probably have a dozen or more boxes under your bed, storing everything from board games to irreplaceable snapshots. In this workshop segment, Ron shows us a better way to use that space.

Under-Bed Storage Box on Rollers
This storage box is designed to fit under most beds, utilizing space that is usually wasted. It rolls out easily and is a convenient way to hold out-of-season clothes or linens.

Under Bed Storage Drawers
By adding a simple set of wheels to the drawers under the bed, they conveniently roll out allowing an easy way to store clothing or even suitcases.

Storage Bed Out of Kitchen Cabinets
If you have old kitchen cabinets, you can recycle them and create a whole new piece of furniture. They are perfect for building a storage bed that has tons of under bed storage.

Under Bed Storage from Vintage Dresser Drawers
Under bed storage is a great way to pack away off-season clothing and small items. This under bed storage project is made from vintage wood dresser drawers.

Old Drawer Bed Storage
By adding casters to the underside of an old drawer you can recycle it to serve as under-bed storage. Before choosing casters be sure they won’t raise the drawer too high

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