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Decorative Wainscoting
Applying wainscot is very easy and straight forward. It can be applied directly over a sheet-rocked wall or over beaded plywood for a more dramatic effect. The key to a proper joint is to have a router bit with a profile that mirrors itself when it is inverted 180 degrees.

Half-Wall Wainscoting
Add depth and texture to any wall in your home. The subtle details of the design will accommodate any décor style and won’t overpower existing wall pieces.

Installing Wainscoting
The prefabricated wainscoting comes in 32- and 36-inch pieces. The frame components include base and top rails (horizontal pieces), stiles (vertical), shoe molding and cap rail.

Oak Wall Paneling
Follow these instructions to add a beautiful oak finish and decorative molding to your walls.

How to Install Wainscot
You may have decided to enhance the beauty of your dining room, but you don't want to spend a fortune; you just want to upgrade your eating area

Beadboard Wainscot
No matter what experience you have with woodworking, your wainscoting project can be straightforward by following these tips from professional finish carpenters.

How to Build Wainscot From Stock Moldings
Watch TOH technical editor Mark Powers create a beautiful Eastlake-style wainscoting.

Adding Style with Wainscoting
You can actually create wainscoting by cutting wall paneling to the size of the panels you desire.

How to Build Wainscoting
How to Build Wainscoting. One of the most popular decorative accents for a room is wainscoting. It is a great way for protecting plaster or drywall.

Easy To Build Wainscoting
Learn how to build wainscoting. Step by step instructions for creating wainscoting panels.

How to Install Wainscoting and Chair Rail
Learn how to cut miter and scarf joints to install wainscoting, chair rails, baseboards, and quarter round molding.

DIY Wainscoting
DIY Wainscoting. Wainscoting, elegant paneling on the lower walls of a room, can add an elegant and stately presence to any room.

Wainscot System
A wainscot system is a great way for consumers to display artistic talent.

Beadboard Wainscotting
Want to jazz up a dull room? Adding beadboard wainscoting to your walls will give a dull room a new flare.

Installing Flat Chair Rail on Wainscoting
It is a good idea, but not absolutely necessary, to install the chair rail before you place the wainscoting. For all the details, read the rest of this article.

Beaded Wainscoting
These plans show you how to install traditional beaded tongue-and-groove boards directly over your existing drywall or plaster, using just a few basic carpentry tools.

Build A Wainscoted Wall
Wainscot is the partial paneling you see in some rooms, from the floor up to the level of a chair rail, which is approximately 40 inches high. Common in dining rooms, it protects the lower parts of the walls from wear and damage from the backs of chairs, and provides an added decorative scheme to the room.

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