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Hiking Poles & Walking Sticks
I saw an article in Backpacker magazine, a couple of years ago, about Hiking Poles. In it, the author mentioned seeing Europeans using their snow poles as hiking poles to help with mountain ascents...

Walking Sticks
The Walking Stick is a very interesting and expressive craft. A walking stick can tell the history and nature of it's owner. After a time, it becomes very personal, because of the design of its mast head and the memories that attach to its memory strands.

Crafty Walking Sticks
The length of your walking stick or cane is a personal preference. For instance, if you will be using it as a hiking aid, it can be as much as a foot or two taller than you as long as it's not too heavy.

Make Your Own Hiking Staff
I have come up with an idea that has served me well for many years. It is strong and provides superior grip for hiking and to rescue another person. It stores fifty feet of 1/4" manila rope for an emergency and has a metal tip and hand strap. Here is the recipe for construction of mine - modify as desired.

How to Make a Boy Scout Hiking Staff
The staff or "stave" is an important part of a Pathfinder's equipment, especially when hiking or camping. Suitable woods are hickory, ash, oak, iron wood (or "muscle wood"), and good grades of elm, sugar maple, wild cherry, yellow birch, mountain ash, and Saskatoon.

Walking Stick Grip
Personalize a favorite walking stick with a braided grip and wrist strap that are as comfortable as an old T-shirt.

Storytelling Stick
You can make a storytelling stick like Mandy did. If you demonstrate making the stick while telling the story, have several samples of the stick at different stages. Pick up each one when you come to that part.

How To Make A Walking Stick
A relatively easy plan for the beginner woodworker, these walking sticks make wonderful gifts.

Diamond Willow Hiking Staff
A hiking staff is a great help in saving your energy on a long, rough hike. It helps to reduce the weight on your feet so you get tired less quickly. It seems like a good idea to use the hiking stick in one hand for awhile and then switch to the other hand. Going downhill a staff can be tremendous help.

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