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A 16th Century German Wheelbarrow
Spiffing up your Campsite By Ld. Chas. Oakley, Esq. A 16th Century German Wheelbarrow So, let's say you're camping at Pennsic and your land-o-crat got out there really late and that spiffy campsite you've... [Tip: try Google cached copy if link fails].

Wheelbarrow For Flowers
Scott built this garden cart to display potted color. Paint it any color you like.

Mini Wheel Barrow
Miniature wheel barrow suitable for small potted plants, etc. Two more nice drawings from Tommy. DXF Format.

16th Century Wheelbarrow
You can choose from a number of different kinds of wheelbarrows with detailed steps and photo’s for each one.

DIY Wheelbarrow Planter
If you can't bear to throw away odds and ends of old timber, try turning them into a rustic wheelbarrow planter like this one!

Mother’s Wheelbarrow
For less than $10 you can build this sturdy garden hauler.

Nifty Wheelbarrow
This is a cute wheelbarrow and will tickle any little chop tie 'most half to death and you can make it in no time.

Old-Fashioned Wheelbarrow
Build this fun and easy to make old-fashioned wheelbarrow that is sure to help your gardening experience.

Wagon Wheel
Free wagon wheel plans for a wagon wheel that's easy to make and reproduce.

Weekend Wheelbarrow
A two-day project for less appalling hauling.

Wheelbarrow Booster
Add volume capacity to your wheelbarrow, and get the job done in half the time.

Wheelbarrow Planter
This is another project that allows you to make use of a scrap wood collection you might have. In this project leftover plywood pieces were used.

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