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Wildlife Feeder and House Plans - Homemade Rabbit Cage, Squirrel Feeder, and more

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Flower-Blossom Hummingbird Feeder Plan

Intarsia Cat In A Bird Feeder Plan

Birdy Bistro Plan

Cottage Birdhouse Plan

Homemade Rabbit Cage
The best homemade rabbit cages are built of welded wire. Wire cages are more durable than wooden cages and are less expensive in the long run. Wire cages reduce the incidence of disease because they are easier to clean and disinfect. The major consideration...

Squirrel Feeder
Set your squirrels down to a cute diner booth for lunch. Great project for using up scrap lumber. Clint is available to do custom drawings if you're interested. DXF Format.

Austin & Martha Quinn's Lady Bug House Instructions
Birds are unlikely to get into the lady bug house. The space between the base and the front should only be 3/4" and the space between the top and the front should only be 1".

Butterfly House Duo
Build a backyard haven for travelling butterflies Butterflies are active pollinators, just as important but less threatening than bees. Welcome them into your garden with a protective butterfly house that safeguards monarchs, tiger swallowtails and other winged wonders from the elements and predators.

Squirrel Den
Scrap lumber of nearly any kind can be used to build a squirrel den box. Exterior-grade plywood may be used, but squirrels may destroy the box by gnawing the plywood. The main items to consider during...

Rabbit Live-Trap II
This rabbit trap is rather simple and easy to build. The trap door is released when the animal dislodges the "trigger" supporting the door. The swinging door must be long enough to close tightly...

How To Build A Rabbit Live-Trap I
To be effective, the rabbit trap should be constructed of fairly good lumber. The door and its guides are critical points, since gravity must close the...

Butterfly House Plans
Butterfly houses have slots the perfect size for keeping birds out while giving the butterflies protection from the wind and weather. Place your butterfly house in a sunny location away from prevailing winds.

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