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Bamboo Wind Chimes
In this set of free cabinet plans, we take you step-by-step through building a set of bamboo wind chimes.

Butterfly Wind Chimes
A colorful butterfly wind chime is a wonderful addition to any yard art.

Copper Wind Chimes
The copper on these wind chimes looks great and age’s beautifully and the sound from the copper is soothing, not overpowering.

Metal Tubing Wind Chimes
This is a really simple project that you will get lots of enjoyment out of.

Metal Wrench Chimes
This project sounds weird, but the tone of these chimes is quite nice. Use box-end wrenches for a pleasant-sounding ring.

Wind Chime Plans
Wind chimes are usually hung as decorations to produce interesting background sounds in our gardens and houses, and a wind chime can also be used as garden art.

Wind Chimes
Wind chimes can bring music to the great outdoors. Here are step by step instructions for building wind chimes from materials found at any hardware store.

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