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Wine Cellar Design
This video series shows how to design a wine cellar for your home. Lisa Weiss gives tips for designing and building your very own wine cellar.

How to Build a Wine Cellar
The following information is provided as a guide for the creation of the proper environment in which to properly build your own Dream Wine Cellar. Because fine wine requires a controlled environment to age properly, it is imperative that the following cellar design parameters and installation be followed as...

Wine Cellar
When building a wine cellar, the wine cellar must be constructed like a refrigerator. Installing a cooling system in the wall without converting the room correctly will not work properly and could cause damage to your walls, ceiling and most of all your wine.

How to Build A Wine Cellar Shelf
Properly installing a wine cellar shelf is easy to do with a few tools and some knowledge. for your wine cellar and the number of wine bottles you plan to collect. Wood shelves are still the best solution for long term storage.

Build A Wine Cellar in Your Basement
If you want to truly enjoy your wine collection, then you should build a wine cellar in your basement. If you are going to do it on your own, it can be a difficult job, but the rewards and benefits will far outweigh any difficulties you will have.

Building A Wine Cellar In Your Basement
While building a wine cellar in your basement is a formidable task, the rewards are considerable and include creating greater value to your home.

How to Build A Wine Cellar
If you have spare space in your basement, a wine cellar is a great way to house and build a collection of wines. Follow these steps from host Steve Watson of

Organizing A Wine Cellar
Wine cellars run the gamut from a few mixed cases in a coat Guild offers several types of racks and can also custom build cellars.

Wine Cellars Video
Discover what you need to know before adding a wine cellar to your What it takes to make a wine cellar.

How to Build A Cellar
From Pine and Mahogany wine racking systems to free standing cellars and cooling units. Together we can build what your looking for.

How to Build A Wine Rack in A Kitchen Cabinet
While a climate controlled wine cellar is the ideal, modifying a kitchen cabinet to hold some wine bottles presents several advantages -- the wine will be close at hand, and the doors of the kitchen cabinets will protect the bottles and their contents from exposure to light.

Building A Wine Cellar
If you have a passion for fine wine and would like to have numerous wines on hand to mature or to have right away, then you might want to build a wine cellar. The following steps will help you construct a place to keep your wine supply organized and handy.

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