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The Wine Rack & Adjustable Desktop Bookshelf
Here's a simple, classically designed wine rack that's both easy to make and fast to sell as a thoughtful gift for the Holiday season.

Wine Cabinet
A beautiful addition to any home. Will test your skills. DXF Format.

Wine Rack
Here's a free plan for a remarkably simple wall-mounted wine-bottle storage rack that makes for an attractive display. The design of the wine rack holds the bottles in a cantilevered position and employs...

Wine Rack
Since most wine gets better with age, wine enthusiasts need a method to store their bottles. Below you will find a free plan for a remarkably simple wall-mounted bottle storage rack that attractively...

Cherry Wood Wine Rack
Whether you're a wine connoisseur, someone who enjoys an occasional glass, or someone who just wants to learn a few new woodworking techniques, you'll love this next project as Ron builds a wine rack.

Wine Rack
Here is a rack for one dozen average size wine bottles. Longer or higher racks can be designed using spacing shown but some variation in timber thickness, width, etc., may be necessary.

Modular Wine Rack
This modular wine rack requires making some curved cuts and dadoes. Because of it's sturdy, yet modular design, there really isn't much of a limit as to how many units can be assembled on top of one another.

Plywood Wine Rack
High-quality CANPLY plywood wine rack has a capacity of 16 bottles with hanger slots for 14 wine glasses. The unit can be floor-standing, mounted as a wall unit, or used as a portable patio bar.

Country Wine Rack
For a wine buff, this sturdy wine rack would be the ideal gift. Made of solid pine, it can hold up to 18 full-sized bottles.

Large Capacity Wine Rack
The design shown here has a capacity of 172 bottles: 16 per square and 6 per triangle. This is actually an easy project, but is classified as intermediate because it requires very accurate cutting of the panels.

Wire Mesh Wine Rack
Our girl Shirl presents an alternative to the standard wine rack. This design features galvanized mesh with a maple frame. Now, isn't that special?

Drinks Cabinet Plan
This wooden drinks cabinet plan provides a cheap, convenient option to store your drinks, wine, and other liquor at home in a stylish manner.

Wood Wine Rack
If you’re a wine collector or even if you just enjoy an occasional vintage bottle of wine, you’ll need a place to store your collection. A small wooden wine rack can be built easily using the following materials: Wood (amount varies based on size of rack you’ll be making). A board which is 3" x 3/4" x 60" will make a...

Inexpensive Wine Rack
We came up with the idea of using PVC pipe and wood frames to build an inexpensive rack. If you go to your local HQ or Home Depot, you'll find a vast array of pipe styles available. There are pipes with small holes, pipes of varying diameters and thicknesses.

Wine Rack
Begin by drilling three holes in four of the 2- x 2- x 18" boards with a 1/2" wood-boring bit for the sisal rope. Drill holes 1 1/2", 81/2", and 16 1/2" from the top. Next, saw the remaining four boards in half.

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