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Build A Stylish Storage Bin
Here's a project that is fun for the whole family to build and paint together. Make a storage bin to hold books, magazines, and sewing items, and customize the project to fit perfectly into any room...

Oriental Box Of Drawers
Woods- Teak and mahogany as shown, pick what you like. Here's a different approach to designing a box. This "box" is really a structure of posts and rails joined with pinned or wedged mortises and...

6 Board Chest for Bocce Balls
I purchased a set of bocce balls, and started taking them to events. After the cardboard box died in the rain, I decided that I needed a real chest in a medieval fashion for their new home. Boxtrot Sneak downstairs with a little nog and chisel yourself a nice box to hold your New...

Nested Boxes
This is a good project for using up smaller miscellaneous scraps. I used a bunch of pieces of 1/4" hardwood veneer plywood that I just couldn't throw away, but were too small for anything else.

How To Make A Shallow Box
This shallow box is relatively easy to make and the unique technique allows for a very wide variety of possibilities. In the free plans below, we describe a rather complicated use of the technique but...

Small Box
A small box modeled after larger hope chests. Could be used for jewelry, recipes, bills, etc. DXF Format.

Small Boxes Made With Your Router
In a recent catalogue from Lee Valley Tools, the instructions for this box were published, and I thought I'd try it. The way the lid or top to the box was fashioned intrigued me. It is created by only...

Make A Wooden Tissue Box Cover
Even though tissue boxes are available in a variety of colors and patterns, they may not quite match your decor. Hide those paper boxes with a wooden tissue box cover built and decorated by you. Lowe's...

Decorative Boxes from New Exotics
A fringe benefit in doing this site is that I have great readers. Last week, one of those great readers told me of a rare wood importer who was in my neck of the woods. After spending some time with him, I came away with a sample -- a short piece of...

Simple Pine Box
Like I said: a simple pine box.

How To Make A Simple Drawer
A drawer is something that is frequently used when you build your own furniture. This article describes how to build a simple drawer unit that can be used in a variety of furniture applications. Note:...

Keepsake Box
Keepsake boxes are a great way to house your precious memories. They can be small enough for just a pair of baby's first shoes, or trunk-size to collect toys, clothing, photos, and many firsts and favorites.

Small Boxes
I love making little boxes. I have made lots of them. So has every woodworker, I am sure. I intend to get back into box joints in the future, just for the fun of it, because I haven't box-jointed anything...

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