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Carving A Niche In Vermont

Carve A Classic Shell Plan

Dead-Blow Mallet Plan

Magic-Wand Kaleidoscope Plan

Kaleidoscopic Key Chains Plan

Salad Bowls Plan

Well-Composed Compote Plan

Ikebana Vase Plan

Free Carving Pattern Package
This package includes 12 patterns ready to download and print from your home computer.

Below you will find a list of Free Woodcarving Patterns for your use. Ex: Canadian Rose Pattern is an excellent pattern to practice shadow and depth.

Woodcarving Illustrated
Wood carving site dedicated to the wood carving enthusiast with regular topics on carving duck decoys, realistic animals, santas, chess sets, chip carving, and more.

Wood Carving FAQ and Patterns
A site for woodcarver wannabees that has loads of information and free patterns to boot.

How to Carve Animals in Wood
If you decide you would like to learn how to carve animals in wood as a hobby, then check this out.

Wood Carving Links
Oodles of helpful links to wood carving organizations, schools, and wood carver sites.

Woodcarving Links
Links to wood carving videos, tutorials, and free patterns.

Woodcarving Tutorial
Woodcarving can be enjoyed at any level, from whittling a found stick or pine board with a pocket knife to carving a sculpture in a fully equipped shop.

Free Wood Carving Patterns
Free wood carving patterns including a bird, a mouse (funny!) and a fierce Viking.

Woodcarving Stop Motion Video
The project seen is called "Grapes and Leaves" and is a Berkeley Woodcarving instructor's beginning project for new students.

Painted Wood Carving Video
A wood slice that is carved, and paint­ed with acrylic paint. Very cool.

Free Carving Patterns from Little Shavers
Patterns for beginning and experienced wood carvers. Carve a name tag or an old-time christmas ornament, a pumpkin or a chess set.

Northwest Wood Carvers Assoc
An organization for those who love the art of wood carving. Check out their helpful tips and links to free patterns.

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