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Wooden Computer Case
This was a bit of a setback, but I didn't want to settle for one of those gigantic regular ATX cases. So I set out to build another small wooden computer

Wooden Computing.
I stumbled across this idea today of a wooden computer case, these plans will help you design the same kinda case for your computer.

Build A Wood PC Case
This was my favourite casemod; a mahogany wood grain computer case. I decided to use veneer because to build and fit an entirely wood case.

How to Build A Wooden PC Case
How to Build a Wooden PC Case. A wooden PC case can make a fashionable compartment for your PC. Use wood and stain that match the rest of your furniture.

Building A Wooden PC
The idea for a wooden computer came about while I was looking for a new case, alas every design looked very similar.

Stunning PC Case: Wood and Glass Beats Plastic Ass
Wood and glass computer casing suissa enlighten wooden pc case with glass suissa.

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