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Home Made Wooden Tripods
I built a tripod out of wood, and later a more refined version of it. This page details some of the things I figured out and hints if you want to build your own.

Handmade Wooden Tripod
Handmade Wooden Tripod for Large Format Cameras. Handmade wooden (ash) tripod is a very rigid support for newly restored 12 x 20 Folmer and Schwing.

CG5 Wooden Tripod
In the end I decided to try building the legs myself. Total cost of the red oak tripod project was around $50.

Anyone Made Their Own Wooden Tripod?
Discussion forum with helpful posts about plans to build a wooden tripod or fitting a head on a wooden tripod.

Homemade Large Tripod
This page describes how to make a very sturdy, very tall (almost 2 meters) tripod. It will easily hold your giant binoculars, your 150 mm refractor, and more.

Fixed Height Tripod
One goal of this wooden tripod was to replace a rickety old variable height tripod that was a pain to move around and was always pinching fingers off.

Home Made Wooden Tripod For Refractor
Hi all I have been asked a few times about the wooden tripod I made for my Celestron 120mm OMNI XLT refractor so decided to add a few photos and a short writeup.

CG5 Wooden Tripod
A home made tripod For The CG-5 Mount. I visited a couple of home improvement super stores, looking and pricing wood and other materials. I chose red oak for the legs and brass strips for the guides.

Home Made Tripods: Shoulders and Head
For my first tripod, I started with a screw that already had a captive washer, and epoxy glued a wooden handle around the hex head of the screw.

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