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The Wooden Wagon | UBuilder Plans
An easy to build classic wooden wagon perfect for those special children! A great homestead tool and authentic enough for those living history events! Fee plan.

How to Build A Wooden Wagon
A wagon is one of those necessary toys that every child should have. It's great for indoor and outdoor play. But the wagon will be even more special if you can build it together. And constructing a wooden wagon is easier than you might think.

DIY Buckboard Wagon
Outdoor display Buckboard Wagons, build your own buckboard. Fee plan.

Wood Turning
Then, I installed in the wagon. Flat, rigid base can be screwed to bench or held in vice.

How to Build a Small Conestoga Wagon
A small scale model of one of these wagons can be made out of ordinary materials.

How to Make a Wooden Wagon Wheel
You are looking for something to dress up your landscaping; a nice looking, rustic wagon wheel! Make a wooden wagon wheel that resembles old-country farmer's cart wheels.

How to Build a Covered Wagon
A covered wagon is a large motorless vehicle with a canvas cover. The most common kind was the Conestoga wagon. Covered wagons were pulled by teams of mules or oxen. The covered wagon is considered a symbol of westward Expansion. Early pioneers transported their families and goods across the plains and mountains in...

How to Decorate a Wedding Wagon
A wedding wagon is a small wagon usually used to pull one or two children down the aisle.

How to Build Children's Wagons
Building a wagon for, or with, a child is a fun project. You can create a memorable personalized gift for the children in your life by building a homemade wagon.

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