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Wooden Pen Plans - Pen and Pencil Holder, How to Make A Wood Pen, and more

Pen and Pencil Holder
Make this wood pen and pencil holder for a unique desk accessory.

How to Make A Wood Pen
This video shows you how to make your own wooden pen.

How to Make A Custom Wood Pen
This link is a pictorial demonstrating the steps required for a pen turner at McKinneyPens to make your one of a kind custom pen.

How to Make A Wooden Pen
There is something timeless and earthy about holding a wooden pen instead of a plastic one.

How to Make A Wood Pen
Making your own wood pen is a fun hobby. You can make wood pens as gifts or sell them to earn extra money.

How Handmade Wood Pens Are Made
Wood pens are definitely the most elegant writing utensils one can own.

Make A Wood Pen!
Make a wood pen that is literally made of stuff from around your house. This is easy and anyone can do it with out a drill.

How to Make Wooden Pens
Making wooden pens is a good way to create distinctive instruments for gifts, businesses or just your personal use.

How to Make a Wood Pen Kit
Wood pens can also be used as punching and embossing tools on sheets of tin, copper and silver. Wood pens can smooth silver and gold leaf over crown molding and ceiling medallions, as well.

How to Make a Wooden Pen
You can make a wooden pen from a dowel, some calligraphy pen tips and a lot of handiwork.

Make a Pen from Burnt Wood
All you need to make your own pen from burnt wood is a piece of wood with a tip small enough to write with and a source of heat to burn the wood.

Wooden Pen Box
The care and thought put into a hand made wooden pen box is something to be admired, much like the pens the box will store.

Wooden Pen
These are the pens that these pages are about. They are all made from the same kit of pen parts.

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