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Delivery Wagon Spoke Wheel Plans
These drawings and instructions were graciously sent in by Mr. Trauttmansdorff to give Delivery Wagon builders an idea of how he went about making an alternate set of wheels for his pedal car.

Space Wagon
Watch the skies and get ready for some out-of-this-world trick-or-treating in this retrofitted wagon. Hot off the intergalactic drawing board, this UFO profile and mounting system is designed to transform any child’s wagon into an interstellar spacemobile...

Building A Toy Car
This project is intended primarily for adults to share with children. A family project which can be used to teach woodworking skills and the proper use of tools. Of course, you can build the car...

Toy Loader
This loader is largely made of small parts which can be salvaged from workshop offcuts.

Toy Stove
While reading a friend's magazine, I noticed this neat little stove in it. After drawing it freehand from memory a couple of weeks later (I'm a terrible artist!) and after measuring my granddaughter...

Boy Scout Emblem
A replica of the Boy Scout emblem. Possibly useful to carvers. DXF Format.

Park Service Emblem
A replica of the United States Park Service emblem. Possibly useful to carvers. DXF Format.

Crawling Bug Toy
This is a fun toy that displays a unique crawling action when rolled or pushed across a surface. There are lots of little parts to deal with, and therefore it is more challenging to make than it may look.

Child's Pounding Bench & Wooden Toy Top
Here's a toy that's been around for generations. In fact, chances are, you had one of your own when you were a child.

The Toy Train
A five-car train that's loads of fun for you to build -- and durable enough to be around for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enjoy We've been told that the first toy train appeared in the...

The Nob Hill Cable Car
Here's a toy that brings to mind all the charm of San Francisco's famed Cable Cars - the clanging bells, the roller coaster hills and...

The Old-Fashioned Toy Cars
A quick alteration to the basic design lets you change the roadster into a sedan - that uses the same fenders. For added efficiency, try “pad-sawing” the Side shape cut-outs and leg shapes in...

Don't Be A Cart-Alek!
Indulge your resourcefulness by building a classic go-cart! (If you have a favourite youngster, you should probably know how to build a go-cart.) Artisans' work featured on this Episode...

Car & Trailer
This sturdy little car is made from 2 x 4 scraps and dowels. This item is so simple; I think it does NOT need any explanation. Simply download the drawings and get going.

Here's a really nice tractor and trailer truck that's easy to make and durable.

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