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Dead-On Drilling

Knock-Down Shop Workstation Plan

Butterfly Spline Joints And A Jig To Cut Them Plan

Dovetail Jig Station Plan

Scroll Sawing For AccuracyIntarsia DVD

Hollow-Grind Sharpening And Jig Plan

Tilt-Out Panel Cutting Guide Plan

Flip-Up Sanding Disc Caddy Plan

Skill Saw Cutting Guide Board
Jig for making straight cuts with a skill saw.

Shelf Pin Jig
A jig for drilling equally spaced holes for adjustable shelves. Similar to one seen on New Yankee Workshop. Requires plunge router w/guide bushing. DXF Format.

Shelf Staining Jig
A simple jig for holding shelves for finishing. It allows you to work on both sides at once. DXF Format.

Vee Block
Useful for drilling and cutting dowels.

Sanding Block
Sanding block with two wood balls for handles.

Keyhole Slot Guide
Router cuts keyhole slots to hang projects.

Router Dado Guide
Cut exact width dados with a router.

Mortise And Tenon Joints For Boxes
There are a great many ways to cut mortise and tenon joints, however here we will focus on methods for cutting the joints required to make the Oriental Box.

MiterMatics Plastic Setup Blocks Speed Miter Setup
One of the simple things that bedevils woodworkers is setup and adjustment of the machinery they use. Most amateur woodworkers simply want to cut wood. They don't want to set up and do a test cut so their table saw produces accurate results. That's why we like this simple device from Woodhaven called...

Circle-Cutting Jig
Recently, I was working on a project that called for cutting a large circular workpiece. The material that I was using was medium density fiberboard (MDF), and I needed a quick and easy way to end up with a circle that had a nice smooth...

Turning Tool Rest and Grinding Jig
One of the hardest, and most frustrating, things that you have to do as a woodworker is sharpen chisels. This seemingly simple task soon becomes one of the dreaded jobs that you try to avoid for as long as possible. The problem is that sharpening your chisels properly is difficult, and...

Flush-Trimming Jig By Jim Mattson
This jig isn't anything new. I've used similar setups for a router table and a friend applies this technique for flushing laminate when covering cabinets with Formica...

Magnetic Stop Block
I came up with an idea that avoids the hassle of fiddling around with clamps. Instead I use a magnetic stop block. It's just a hardwood block with a pair of small magnetic catches inserted into one edge..

Shop Built Adjustable Cut-Off Jig
When you make a 90 degree cut, you want it as accurate as possible - right on 90 degrees. I feel in lots of home shops, 89.75 degrees or 90.5 degrees may be thought to be 90 degrees. Reading the commentary...

Incra Jig - Making Wood Hinges
The Incra Project Book's version of the jewelry box uses wood hinges--also made with the Incra Jig. I have seen these hinges at shows and always wondered about making them and "...would they be too difficult to make?" Well, having mastered the Incra...

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