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Knock-Down Table Saw Station - Tool Stand Plan

Portable Benchtop Saw Station

Panel-Cutting Lumber Cart

Home/Shop Storage Cart Plan

Cordless Tool Station Plan

Compressed Air Work Station Plan

Go-Anywhere Tool Caddy Plan

Lathe Stand Plan

Planer Cart
When I got a new planer for my birthday, I knew I would have a space problem, so I would need some sort of portable stand for it. After searching the web for plans, I found a style which would work for...

Shop Cart/Table Saw Extension
Whenever we can build shop equipment that serves more than one purpose, we gain space, efficiency and probably save a few dollars as well. I had been contemplating buying or building a table saw extension...

Portable Saw Table
Space is always at a premium in most home shops, and my shop is no different. If a large fixed table saw could even be afforded, I couldn't have afforded the space for it, so I had to come up with an...

Folding Table Saw Out Feed Extension
Clever folding extension table for a Unisaw. Can be modified to work with other cabinet saws. Six drawings in AutoCAD .dwg format, plus one text file with construction notes.

Mobile Work Stand
This simple workstand is both stable and mobile. It provides a great surface for cutting, routing, sanding, assembly etc. You can roll it around your workspace by simply tipping one end a few degrees...

Mobile Base Design Guide
This is an article with an illustration that explains how to design a mobile base for typical woodworking machinery. (PDF)...

Miter Saw Workstation
I like my power miter saw for its portability -- I use it for everything from trimming molding for furniture projects to cutting 2x4s. But I've never been happy with the small table of the saw. It doesn't...

Miter Saw Cabinet
A Miter Saw Cabinet with folding wings. Folds down to 36" width. Lots of storage space in front drawers. DXF Format.

Dado Case
We pay a fair amount of money for a dado blade set and it made no sense to me to try and store them in the plastic blister-pack so many come in. I figured that between all the woodworking equipment and...

Band Saw Blade Storage
Band saw blades can be a problem to store in a manner that is safe for the blade and you. Coil them up in a drawer and they may strike out the next time you open it. Hang them on something in the shop...

Saw Blade Storage Cabinet
This cabinet could be used for other purposes, the only aspect that makes it a saw blade repository is the blade holding insert behind the door. The plan consists of four pages in PDF format. The blade...

Tall Shop Cabinet
The never-ending quest for shop storage space and a free corner spawned the design for this tall cabinet. After cleaning my shop out and planning the location of my new bench, I realized I had a small...

Hand Saw Hanging Storage Rack
This vertical sawtill project was commissioned as "group Project #2"; by the members of the OldTools list. It is easy to build with a small set of tools, and provides good practice in the basics of hand joinery.

Lumber Storage Rack
A rack for storing lumber in the shop. Nice 3d rendering. PDF format.

Shop Cabinets
Base cabinets for the shop or garage. DXF Format.

Storage Case For The Leigh D4 Dovetail Jig
Like many hobbyist woodworking shops, mine has no free cabinet or shelf space that would store the D4 safely. The only real option was to custom-build a case for it.

Shop Cabinet
This is fair warning to all of you. If you ever approach obtaining all the tools and equipment you think you need, you will not have enough places to put it all. Look in the background when watching The...

Plane Shelf With Hand Cut Dovetails
Nothing fancy. Just a plane old shelf, made from plane old boards.

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