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Rascally Raccoons Plan

Giraffes Plan

Playful Lawn Squirrels Plan

Chickens Plan

Flag Garden Stake
What better way to celebrate America than with this free wood crafts plan! This yard decoration will look great by the front entry or in the yard!

Yard and Garden Stakes
Have fun decorating your yard with this easy to make yard and garden stake décor.

Wooden Turkey
Support your team or decorate for Thanksgiving with colorful and simple yard art.

Yard Animals
Lawn animals made from logs, sticks and twigs can be quite expensive when purchased in garden shops and specialty stores. Here's how easy and economical it can be to make your own.

Smiley Scarecrow
Scarecrows are not just for scaring away crows anymore! You can dress them up in formal attire to welcome guests to a holiday party or for special occasions. Below you'll find everything you'll need to make your very own scarecrow.

Yard Ornaments
Make a cool yard ornament, there are plenty of options provided all with plans that will help you make these ornaments.

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